Honestly it should be the longest page of my blog. Have endless number of people to say Thank You, Köszönöm. It won’t be in order, and never will be completed.

Glowing Flowers by Robby Ryke

Glowing Flowers
by Robby Ryke

Will be a good exercise for me to read through and remember for all the events, small and big ones what I am grateful for.

First start with my parent, they give me example and unlimited love, supporting me in all adventures, even when leaving to another continent for a while.

Thanks for the city Library of Szerencs north-east Hungary, where I was reading a lot :-). And quite the same to the college Library of GAMF in Kecskemet, remembering reading the autobiography of Lee Iacocca in between few programming and other technology books.

Köszönet azoknak a tanároknak akik nem csak ismereteket adtak át nekem hanem példát mutattak emberséggel igazi figyelemmel. A Szerencsi Áltanános Iskolából Kiss Lászlóné aki az osztályfőnököm volt 4 évig, a Gimiből Nagy tanárnő akinek köszönhettem a felbukkanó számítestechnikához való hozzáférésemet, Bodnár György aki zseniális matektanárom volt, még akkor is ha éppen nem ő tanított, és a főiskoláról H Tóth István aki közelebb hozta az irodalmat hozzám a közvetlen és osztálytermen kívüli óráival.

Thanks for the Csepel factory doing great bicycles, had a city bike and a racing cycle in my childhood, spent time daily going everywhere and enjoying it. It was and it is fun to cycle in nature, in cities and everywhere.

Thanks to Werner Hans Erhard who had created Erhard Seminar Training which I had attended in Kecskemet. It was the first real self development training in my life. Many of my peers, fellow countryman and global citizens had not learned to take responsibility for their life. This training was the first someone told me that I am responsible. Thanks Peter. It made my life as is today.

Berci, meeting and knowing you, you are unlimited source of inspiration, guidance and example. Still behind the example and catching up.

Tonny Robbins, for your videos, books and mostly having a rebirth on UPW in 2014, London.

Well, thanks for lonely moments. Sounds weird, but sometime time alone needed to learn, meditate, grow and eventually – write. Had started to write an essay of stories of my first 35 years while sitting in the Mumbai airport flying out crazy early hours and spending there hours to catch the plane. Whether was flying home to the family to see my newborn son after 11 Sept on empty airport, or heading for business meeting to Singapore, had plenty of time to write in an Airport without much interesting to see.

Well, Audible for making  many commute times spent with great content and learning.

Few of my favourite books opening my eyes wider with wonder and amusement:
Wisdom of your Cell, Energy Anatomy, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Tim Ferris, thanks for the laughs and great content in your FourHourWorkWeek Blog, making my commute and other times lifted , in good mood and learning.

Georgina Polyak being the first introducing me to Yoga with lots of love and kindness.


Any comment on my thoughts?

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