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Sutivan, Brac, Croatia


The beginning of Finding #GlauYoga

keep your heart open


Let me write about my first yoga experience from 2 angle. Health and finding connection between my spirit, soul and my body.

I decided to come and spend a week with start learning yoga in order to build stronger link and alignment between my higher self and my body. I have a lot of things ahead me for the rest of my current life, so I need a capable body to support me in my endeavours.  I want to support myself with a more flexible, capable self to enjoy wider range of sports what brought some side effects of small strains, injuries in the last decade.

In my age of 13 I had been diagnosed with glaucoma. My right eye had been operated to minimize the impact of the disease, and since then I am applying an eyedrop in my left eye to ensure that I have vision of this gorgeous world. I had not been a very sporty kid, but after the operation I had been exempted from the gym classes, was advised not to do exercises putting strain on my eyes. I was living my happy life with some of these constrains.

You might think constrain put you in a lesser position, loosing something what otherwise yours isn’t it? Let me divert a bit for the moving story of Chad Hymes. I had the chance to meet him, listen to his story, learning from it. In short due to an incident his spine had been injured, leaving him with less things he can do, while increasing his energy, desire and capability to enjoy what he still can do with loads of love and teaching. Or Mosolyka and many other inspirational example.

So as never felt the negativity to have discipline around certain things to avoid, but lived a full life enjoying still endless things.

My primary activity was cycling in those years in my youth, and had enjoyed since. When into my 40s started to do mountain biking to forget workplace stress and had fallen few times, caused strains. Than recently curing a small kidney stone, the beer treatment had the side effect of additional visceral and outside fat around my waistline with kilograms materializing and not leaving.  😦 Going down the gym to increase muscle mass to get rid of the excess weight had resulted again small muscle overloads, injuries and forced breaks in the process.

The next was to decide on bringing in some stretching practices into my life after being on the side of muscle contraction. Had started Qui Gong practices, but for the summer had failed to find an immersive opportunity to go deeper, and therefore was looking around when nailed down my choices on yoga.

My current physical state is anyway reflection of my past decisions, so had been “lucky” to find www.vegatabor.hu for a week long vegetarian yoga camp in Croatia. Good enough to be outside of my comfort zone, getting another perspective to decide on further way ahead.

The food is rooted in Indian traditions, adding an extra touching point for the immersion experience. The 800+ kilometer ensures that no one is escaping home from the camp without going through what they can bear.  Of course I knew from the beginning that I will focus to get the maximum from the experience and only skipped one yoga class when my HRV had dropped for the day (see more details on a coming blog entry about conclusions from quantified-self angle).

Great honour and appreciation to Gina, my first yoga guru, with her open, kind teaching. He is primarily teaching vinyasa flow yoga within the dynamic yoga styles. The practices however were built on wider basis, with session based on Astanga and other styles as well. Other than poses and flow of them, mudras, chanting and pranayama breath excercises had been brought into practicing multiple levels of the traditional yoga approach. This is what I personally wanted to step outside the boundary of a single yoga class where time restriction can severe wider transfer of the multiple layers of the yoga practice focusing on asanas mainy. We truly succeeded with this.


The attendees brought an wide array of personalities, own challenges and struggles into the melting pot of the practices, open discussions, games and food consumed over occasional mandala colouring. Kudos to Gina for the passion to give light, energy, sense of yoga to all of us. When one of the day she was hurting one toe and started to bleed after more than an hour practice, she burst into tears, as she could not give her best to us, thinking about not finishing as originally planned, but her reactions and approach was teaching more than another thousand asana.

Back to glaucoma, research available on the internet indicates that inverse poses can increase IOP (intra ocular pressure) in the eye, which is calculating a lifetime yoga practice can yield in worsening eye condition for glaucoma patients. Had no much time yet to research the topic, but can share 2 facts which I can share riding useful.

  1. Dynamic yoga styles have less risk of sustained IOP as the positions are not held for very long time, normally for single or some breath cycles.
  2. Individual inverse yoga poses can be exchanged with poses with no high risk for IOP.

Giving my currently shallow knowledge of the topic, cannot share much more, one more fact what I had found that Bikram yoga does not include inverse poses, so deemed same from this angle, so let me verify and come back after few Bikram or Hot yoga classes.


My further information shared on the intersection of Yoga and Glaucoma for practitioners will be tagged with #GlauYoga

The week contained loads of experiences to see others struggle, cry, showing their strongest self, confidence, know it all, uncertainity, capability, and weaknesses as well. Thank you for all of you for being, being here and giving me food for thought, asking me questions, giving me smiles or raising eyebrows. 🙂

Had got the question again about sharing what I had learnt about passions I have, os need to work further how I can share here in my blog , or my facebook page with the capability to search for great content.


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