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Just recently unpacked my Misfit Shine2.
Had done my experiments with Jawbone UP2 and Microsoft Band before with overall good feeling, though battery life was quite short for Microsoft band, and My otherwise well serving UP2 decided to break.

Was spending a bit of time to get if replaced, but lost in menus on Amazon which could not get me a proper proof of purchase to contact the manufacturer… this is another story..

So decided to go for the next and best, and looking around I decided to try Shine2 with the promise of long battery life, and capability to use it for swimming as well. That is not my strong part, but surely will test and share my experiences.

So back to my focus area / sleep tracking and silent alarm.  I am interested to see how much I am sleeping as I need to face myself a bit to go to bed earlier and get up early to do my morning routine in a longer version.


There are 2 visualisation of the sleep, the first above with an overall time, awake, light and restful time count giving only a high level overview. The second is a bit more usable showing patters of the sleep. Not extremely detailed either, periods cannot be clearly identified.


I had tried my favourite – the silent alarm to be able to have different wake up. The sense of the vibration is weaker compared to UP2 or Microsoft Band. I still need to try for few more occasions, I had adjusted the armband to a bit tighter, that might help, as for first time I did not wake up at the time of the alert.