Monday Phrase to chew on

I had seen advertisements in TV when I was too small to read. Than I had newspapers in my hand about all kind of topics. Huge amount of advertisement shaped my life and yours – while growing up and being the adult as I am today. How disrupting all such influences would change the same world for all of us?

Does concert advertisement influence your judgement of an artist?

Does concert advertisement influence your judgement of an artist?

I am wondering how I would be living my life post consumer culture. What car or bicycle I would drive or ride, how I would decide on what is my next Holiday trip having peer pressure and media influence taken away from my life. Would it work with suggestion from Friends? Or I would be in constant chase of Friends with expertise of hobbies, things I am interested to deep dive in…

Would it help to find my purpose in life without all the expectation of the society embedding must to have for education, housing, behaviour, to be downloaded into my unconscious mind?

What do you think?

Goethe on Beginner’s Mind and the Discipline of Discernment in Your Media Diet. Read this to get a view for what creativity could mean with different influence context in the post consumerism society.

Has your lifestyle been already designed for you?