I am back with a Monday seed of thinking…

Have you heard about Post Traumatic Stress? Guess yes, unfortunately still research trends pointing toward looking more into negative deviation instead of the positive sides.

happy in water

happy in water

So turn toward the brighter side. There is a possibility of positive outcomes post terrifying events – called post traumatic growth. Traumatic events are not desirable, but do happen in life, so one of the question what is the differentiator between the reaction for not desirable traumatic events.

As I do like positive experiences much better, therefore I am seeking insight moving towards the trigger of such growth with great, pleasurable experiences called Post Ecstatic Growth. Generic examples of this running a marathon or having a child. Many other experiences coming into my mind which lifted me, gave me boost for growth and development. See my Blog’s gratitude page

The thriver model is a novel framework that unifies the concepts of posttraumatic and postecstatic growth. According to the model, it is not the quality of an event, but the way it is processed, that is critical for the occurrence of post-event growth.

Researches related to to the thriver model found 3 key ingredients – positive emotions, supportive relationships, meaning making to contribute

So what is your plan to live a life of a thriver and grower with much more steer towards enjoyable events paving your way? Happy to hear back.



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