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I had picked up Jawbone UP2 as a primary reason for silent intelligent alarm for waking me up when in light sleep. I needed something which can be doing this without bluetooth or wifi connection to minimise radiation, no phone closeby to do the control part of it like for some simple trackers.

Jawbone up2 is ready to meet my requirements with a week battery time, being comfortable wear and no sign of irritation after few weeks always on my hand (unlike the Fitbit a year ago which failed my skin irritation test)

Settings of smart alarms is simple, setting of latest wake up time, plus interval within it tries to find the light sleep to wake you up.

For the sleep measurement, and even for weak you need to switch the band into sleep mode – it it few taps and holding press, but you can do it accidentally, in the shower wiping drops from the glass could switch my tracker to sleep mode consistently. Sometimes I only recognised when for a day I tracked over 12 hours sleep, though it has happened so far only once.

Syncing between the device and the app is fast and consistent, battery time being really great.

Basic Sleep statistics and graph in upper half showing sleep patters.

Additional features what I liked: inactivity timer – I set it for 45 minutes within working hours, so it warns me if I am sitting in one place longer than that period, so can wake up and stretch myself, go for a cup of water… Pretty handy. In lack of visual indication I had not used the other alarms, I guess they are good for strict food times, or taking medical pills if someone has that challenges to time it during the day.

All of these can be set from the application and synced back to the band which confirms with a gentle vibration. It passes in bed and asleep interval data to Health app on IOS.

Tracking my cycling is not straightforward, certain type of activities are recognised as movement pattern and asked to select type of activity to track it more precisely, overall I found too manual to abel to use it for long run.

Food tracking is the same experience – barcode scanning had been working for few items in Hungary  – Turo Rudi had been recognised and calories etc properly added to the daily consumption by the app, though clearly database in Hungary is lacking data. (will need much more users to do data population which is possible)

Compared to MIcrosoft Band is much smaller in lack of pulse measurement and screen, can work on tight fit sleeves as well.

MIcrosoft Band versus Jawbone UP2