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Had been interested in the Band having the promise of a cross platform solution for fitness tracking with good features for the price point. First night and few hours wearing it were a bit awkward feeling the band being a bit bulky having parts of the band wider containing the screen and the pulse measurement, plus two more parts. It is not that invisible than smaller trackers as Jawbone UP2 what I use for some time for smart wake up. With this light uneasy went to sleep to fetch the data.  The tracking require sleep mode activated from the band, it is simple and foolproof – no accidental switch to sleep mode possible as with tapping mode selection. The digram can show some statistics and sleep patterns, and to my pleasure can show a heart rate diagram during the sleep period, marking the lowest resting heart rate.  The app data content is good, usage of the screen is windows style, even on IOS has great big colourful tiles with minimal data and bit of scrolling. Will be great with weak eyesight when get that old, however the app experience on IOS resembles an windows app and was strange first to use with different user experience. Syncing – well not overstated if I declare problematic. Sometimes completely sucks. Do not remember any case when was quick and many times simply did not happen. I was chasing some of my sleep and exercise data for multiple days with restarts of the band, of the phone, getting near to give it up when 5 days later it had synced my data. I could not sync and get back data when during exercise tracked with GPS battery was running out. This makes me quite thinking whether you can use a tracker which does not sync your data as the unquestionable basic. (I would swap the UV metering for this stability which always says to me that in 60 minutes I will get the sunburn – had not happened in the spring Budapest weather)  Smart alarm and fitness tracking experience to come 🙂