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quantified Self

I was excited to receive the Microsoft Band to continue my experiments and quest to find the fitness tracker, device giving the most useful device for my own measurement and experiments. I figured out soon that I need a certain amount of patience (depending on your units of measurement) to get it setup and get working, passing data out from the band.

But do not run that much ahead. Was a Thursday morning driving to office to pick from a friend the band. It was packaged into an Microsoft plastic bag, felt really excitement on the view of Microsoft logo than never before, but this case was elevated with curiosity.

Had started with the obligatory charge up and was inpatient to start setup. Charge up can take some time, compared Fitbit and Jawbone tackers I used needs more time to charge due to additional sensors needed the extra oomph.

As I embarked on the challenge of using Microsoft Band on iPhone 5S with iOS 8.3, therefore will be testing and enjoying the cross platform compatibility Microsoft is focused on. Their O365 suite is working well for me with tolerable inconsistency between the different platforms.

Installation was straightforward, however run into few connection lost, restart of the band and app as well to get it going. As it had lost connection and produced entertaining error messages during installation, I had felt a chance of never starting up.

After few restarts both on app and band, few more pairing of the band on different names it had reached the state when started working.

I had done some settings, changing the colour background, changing what tiles are visible on the band – run into the limitation when wanted to switch on more

Read more about how it measures sleep

Read more about how it measures cycling soon



Thanks Peter for picking it for me and carrying from the other half of the world.