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Had you seen the Oscar 2015 Gala?


You could see Black Jack taking selfie on stage in the opening musical scramble, Neil Patrick Harris describing a continuous non-edited feed of his briefcase containing his predictions for the Oscars as sarcastic reference. Gentle indications of the area we live in.

Oscar Selfie

Oscar selfie

I was thinking since seeing the Oscars on YouTube, what is counted artistic, good, how they compare with things current, occupying your thoughts. When I am consuming information in our digital age, which is clearly more in quantity than what I am consuming in movie theaters watching why relevant things are missing from the movies?

I had only seen few of the movies from the nominees list to get a feel, but had not found much resemblance for the live I am living.

Clearly there is no war where I had to decide whether I want to be sheep dog for protection, and no decisions to be made of shooting someone or not. If the reason of the movies would be to take us away from current obstacles and difficulties to showing the way, examples of solution in a different set – well than no American Sniper of Birdman would be needed. And probably much more.


Telling to social media truth

Telling to social media truth

Birdman has a surreal artistic story and inclusion of an interesting scene of the lead actor arguing with his daughter played by Emma Stone playing convincing in this scene, when the girl responds ” you are not doing it for the sake of art, but you want to fight to be relevant again, but guess what there is a whole world out there every single day fight to be relevant  “you hate bloggers, mock Twitter you don’t even have a Facebook page”. I can take this as a struggle for relevance in a microcosm while ignoring, being angry on a world which exist outside with its own relevance and other struggles.

Neil Patrick Harris inspired by Movie Birdman 🙂

Social media surely get more and more natural role while depicting real life. Will motion picture get closer to wiser audiences instead of microcosms?

I liked in 2014 the movie Chef. It is all-plausible with someone in a profession to step into social media getting him intro first trouble, and via his son tweets getting him back to the path crowned by opening an restaurant with the critic he had caught up in a twitter fight in first round. The movie has decent pictorial expression of the tweets by the boy, giving a positive example of how to use well the power of the social media. The Chef as I write this has 193K likes on Facebook and over 27k follower on Twitter. In Comparison Birdman has moved a little over to 200K.

Chef tweeting

Chef tweeting

So I really missed the movies where the story about the battles and wins of average Joes within the context of today very much existing things as social media, addictive multiplayer games, crowdsourcing, remote working and learning via MOOCs as Coursera and other technologies shaping the world in an amazing speed. I am not seeing movies about bloggers, startups, DIY 3D printer innovators, white hat hackers saving further data breaches, medical futurists and exemplars. Not in the theaters, but more and more on the digital waves of the Internet via YouTube and other mediums.


I remember when extreme sports had showed up in movies as the Point Break with surfing and skydiving. Followed by long list of movies showing in between the first other extreme sports or subcultures of this decade. Many of the mountaineering movies, or the start of the Fast and Furious sequel delving into to tuning and racing subculture.

It is an interesting gap how the actors forming those roles are having or not presence on the social platforms. Facebook fan page, or twitter community is still not so common in the celebrity world, despite relevance as Oscar nomination and awards is still highly ranked. There is an interesting blog with the Infographic who would win the Oscars in social media.


Categories of nominations.

Was thinking on why we so much fancy Oscar prices at all? They are reflection of the professionalism in the process of creating a moving picture dream come true on the canvas. We are going and seeing movies which has Oscar nominations and awards with the expectation to be feeling great.

Does that mean being current, relevant, interesting or uplifting? Realized that this 2 has only a slight relation.

I would be continue to watch movies with higher rank in relevance and freshness instead of the sterile professionalism achieved based on boring and abstract storilines.

What kind of movies you would like to see more?