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http://www.profession.future. Quantified Foodtaster. This is the highest paid job advertised, with stricter conditions than a fighter pilot. No wonder. Has major impact.


In the middle ages the food taster was a necessary protection of emperors, kings who worried about their food poisoned. They had food tasters to ensure that the food does not harm their health, does not stops them to achieve their ambitious plans.

This profession had died out, though between the few which had resurfaced in a modern fashion to save lives of millions and more. Someone with the willingness to sacrifice with food and share experience. It might started with SuperSize Me, as a movie to share experiences about a certain eating pattern. and more followed as Hungry for Change. Everybody felt that food in the supermarket was related to all the diseases, the way of living and the price paid for being on the edge of healthy and constant illness for long period of time.

Quantified Self had brought the desire to measure parameters of our body – given us for a lifetime for our soul to work in unison – to know how it performs. It has started to change healthcare with more and more data available, but being focused on the illness and not yet preserving the health had not brought the desired state to the leaders of the revolution. It needed more. It was more and more difficult to find the organic food which was indeed giving the ingredients needed for the body to function and filter out all the shiny packages from the supermarkets which had negative impact of staying healthy.

Than a brave politician came with the fury of loosing a family member as the victim of food not controlled enough. Enough was enough and change had started.

Food Law came into existence with the first group of Quantified Foodtasters employed. They measured their signs of body, had strict diet with specified and controlled food under investigation, their lifestyle kept otherwise on the optimum, no stress, no boring work, enjoyment, sports, learning, growth was their activity in optimum environment to ensure that only food can make any negative difference in their lives. As measured values worsened, data analysed and the food was legally taken out from the market. Substances had been identified, manufacturing processes proved to be not appropriate to serve the health. Ignited the change and increased the desire to extend this safety to all human on Earth and on the populated planets.

Technologies got better and were able to measure more and more values of the behaviour of the human body, shortening the detection time of undesired substances in the food. Within weeks changes can be detected which would be causing a disease 20 years later with major cost to the society.

The profession had evolved, the senior food tasters after catching 11 harmful food, been promoted to assurer group continue to live on the growing number of qualified food to ensure that quality had been kept safe and sound. Few years into the quality assurance they had been promoted to variance testers to test all newly identified diet and health approaches based on proven food. and when they reached the 3 start rating in the food tasting they became active attendees of forming advising all the restaurants with their processes and cooking approaches, verifying recipes before putting on the menu cart.

Within 200 year, within one lifetime the spending on illnesses had disappeared. Companies, genetically modified ingredients, food processing as deep frying had disappeared.  A single profession had contributed to the lives of many billion people to ensure their safety and health.

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Albert Einstein


For everybody who teaches any fellow human for healthier life, share any knowledge in this domain.

Thanks for the named films making definitely an impact on me.

Thanks for Bertalan Mesko as an medical futurist, and his book to shaping the world to a healthier place with technology and transformation.

Thanks for those companies taking nutrition with integrity and all the will to change things better. I know and deeply appreciate the work of Dr. Josep Chang and his team at Nuskin.

Thanks for my first fitness tracker which was the fitbit flex, shame that the bend caused allergy and needed to send it back. Looking for the right replacement.