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Success day

Thank you for the organisers, and thank you for all the presenters, they had been brutally honest, emotional, funny, energetic, focused while not withholding in the short time they got to share about their success.

What is success anyway? Heard many definition. The one I really liked from Emil Tonk – “Success is when someone is doing the required things , even when they are not in the mood for that, and they do it even when nobody sees them”

I had been there early. way too early, (grabbed number 1 in the cloakroom) and felt quite alone with my interest to see great examples, listen for their story and take notes of them. Where I was sitting had not seen another notebook and pen in hand – neither any electronic substitute to capture the essence of the day. Had to admit felt an missed opportunity for the wider impact.

I know, it was not depending on the organisers, or the content, it was depending on us, recipients of the opportunity. Felt a missed opportunity as smelling a juicy fruit, but unable to take a bite. I had tried to convince my older son to join, or come with friends, or girlfriend, but all those options were not selling for a teenager to come and listen. Work ahead of me at home for sure.

6 rules of success

6 rules of success

Arnold was great, and putting the crown on a day of lifting up hope and telling simple recipes – easy to memorise, but sometime takes the courage and real will to follow through. As always with the advice of the wise and successful.

Looking ahead I am curious when such a day will be sold out with a Hungarian being the top speaker? if we meet in the Arena 10 years from this day, will someone got that vision to fulfil that this small nation must to have its own success exemplars to able to fill such station at ease? Hope the answer is yes. and Hope that many cities in all countries can reach that state. and we need the media social or otherwise to share these examples. I would not mind to watch a TV if I had a channel to watch such people, sharing their wisdom and thoughts. instead of the new of today -which I am not willing to watch.


The organisers, all the invited lecturers, musicians, crew. They were great. All those in the audience who will change their attitude, will learn a bit – or more – from this event and will deliver further successes.

Edit for the great chat and learning, you had your son with you, so you gave me inspiration to have my sons wanting to attend such event to take their lives ahead.

Eva, being there and working on your success.