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Where are you Heading?

Secrets to Focus on

Early on this year had bumped into articles of the worst passwords of the previous year.

This happens in between the constant challenge to determine our true goals and keep focus on them, instead of being lost in lengthy, but shallow to do lists. Living a meaningful life instead of chasing short-term tasks being completed.

Have any of you started the week with the challenge of where to start? I admit I did many times despite my learning curve into setting goals and learning methods of achieving them.

This year seeing an article again on worst passwords of last year, I made a connection between these two challenges. Even in the age of single sign on at the workplace, I am typing in my passwords few dozen times when the device locks down, having additional applications, websites, mobile devices asking me a toll of password to get further in my day.

Either you are the type with post it notes, unencrypted notes on your smartphone, or the geeky one with multiple password safes, additional certificates and two factor authentication all around. It is still needed. For All of Us. Having sweat on your forehead from remembering and sticky keyboard buttons for nothing? Just to get by?

Few password into your day and getting to your favorite productivity application do you still remember what you wanted to achieve today, this week, this month, this year, or in this lifetime?

Bet you as well have challenge with that sometimes.

If I ask you to count the number of things with orange color at the place you go next after reading my blog, surely you can do that. Though when you return to my blog to give me the number in the comments you would face with the next question, and how many green things had you counted? It would be a steep try to get answer for that. Why is that? It is simple  – because of focus. We focus on things and we are able to do them. We write down our dreams and our path to achieve them started, we are on the runaway compared to those who had not defined it, had not got the focus to act upon, to feel the taste of achieving those dreams.

If you walk the right path you'll find your luck

If you walk the right path you’ll find your luck

This is where password to improve our life comes handy in this technologically interwoven world.

If you had read the Secret – having the feeling of you achieved your dream is the stepping-stone for the law of attraction to kick into gear.

This is what you can do, remind yourself for those bursts of time when you are typing your password in. Joy and excitement just started to flow.

Have you ever experienced the boredom and distaste of remembering combination of characters and numbers, and changing them every 30 days? Those times are over. This is the beginning of your new calendar with new terms and rules to live your days between the moments of typing a password somewhere again. And give them a blossom of flowers taking you to fruits, smells and sights. What a fun to craft a password reminding you multiple times of your dream summer vacation coming this year. Or having your house you are looking to find burnt into your imagination with its unique properties, size, district, number of Michelin start restaurant within 500 meters, or anything else you fancy to remind yourself. When back from coffee, when starting the day, just before switching off, and many times in between.

The sky is the limit


There are a number of ways to start with. First good to have an intro into some of the methods and sources I came across and some examples to craft them into dream realizing masterpieces serving your security at the same time. The list is not full, and happy to have your additions into the comments of this blog.

I would start with the Flight Plan from Brian Tracy. It is an excellent book to take you to your goals giving you and simplistic method of getting there. You can passwordify  anything from the lists what you are creating based on that book.

(I know, I know, this word does not exist, but sound like the activity I mean here 🙂 Doing an internet search, of course there is an application by this name giving you some password generation capability, but not by the means and way I will describe bellow)

by Celestine Chua Flickr

by Celestine Chua Flickr

  • Next stage can be the book from Hylum Smith – What matter most.
    In times,  when too much expectation and external influence clouding up the clarity of what you really want I mean YOU, this book can give a kick to go back, discover your values and think over what you want rooting into the non-negotiable foundation of yours.
  • My next favorite is the Desire Map from Danielle Laporte. I saw her first Marie interviewing her, and than grabbed the audiobook first narrated by her. It is all about feelings instead of only smart goals. You are spot on lovely lady, feeling the feeling already achieving a dream; a goal is major part of the action ahead. And even the objective can change if you get the feeling you wanted. And sure passwords can be in the dimensions of values, feelings, not just in amounts on account, horsepower of the boat, or a length of your private beach in millimeter.

Things are vibrations, your moods, feelings, desires are frequencies, and you can tune them to the direction you need to. Two important sources for this :

  •  First my all time favorite book Happiness Advantage from Shawn Achor. His work is groundbreaking in many aspects; in essence you need to be in the state of happiness first to achieve things, it is not a result, but a precondition. And to connect it in here, raising your bar of happiness can happen with your passwords.
  •  Second is Christie Marie Sheldon and her shining and awakening session on the Awesomeness Fest (what a great name). You can see it on Youtube. It keeps us focused on the higher frequencies, not to project things we want to avoid, no judgments and complaints! What would it take? It is one essential question from her what you can use to trigger high frequency passwords to your life 🙂
  • And than crown it with a bit of quantum physics, I had bumped into Gregg Braden. The most relevant of his work here is the Lost mode of prayer. He shares a conclusion that prayer is the feeling of the feeling when the prayer becomes fulfilled. Few of these things are giving enough ammunition to start to practice in bring into our life the play, the joy of fabricating passwords. Have you ever planned and visualised how it will feel to celebrate when you achieved your dream?
by Yuri Samoilov Flickr

by Yuri Samoilov Flickr

Some examples of creating motivating passwords:

Let assume that you go on Holiday every year. You should have one or more Holiday, which is absolutely your favorite and will always remember.

Get them spiced up with a word you had learned there, the number of margaritas you had in the beach, the longest time you spent on top of the wave surfing…. Or whatever you smile and laugh about. What gives you the tickling feeling. The joy.

What you have to know that simple words and numbers are commonplace and with sheer computing power they can be guessed. This is a risk when you password is short. But hey, a memorable Holiday give longer than 10 character password, even you’ll have struggles to keep them short.

One of my example taking my 2 great memorable Holidays, – one is Santorini –part of my honeymoon and a great place to remember there is the Read Beach. Another one is from Sri Lanka where I had been at a gorgeous place close to Kandy called Hunas Falls. There had been a non violent communication training held by a fellow Hungarian lady, and the grass was perfect to step on in the morning mist.

So the password can be: Redbch4hunasfalls2GRASSGarda combining all these memories together with the nights stayed and the place I will go this year.

Or combining a bit Greek and Italian into it: Kalimera4redbeachGRASS@hunasfallsLago

Move on a bit bigger dreams and objectives of life. Let assume that I would like to in the 3 top social engagement (kind of marketing in my mind) gurus in my City within 3 years with accomplishing 5 cover page of monthly magazines, at least 1 award and  over 1 million follower combined on 5 social network selected for main operation.

Than I can craft the password: 5Cover&1Awardin331mioFollow

Happiness Advantage – one of the best part of the book is when talking about raising your happiness baseline. As happiness is the base  / let me  work out a great password to get me raising the bar. One of my favourite story from the book is with Amy and the Unicorns, I like to ask my kids before going bed what had been the 3 best thing has happened to them, plus starting the day with some gratitude excercise. HaPPPyUnicorns/be4bed3BestsGratitude4ever

Thinking of Christie Marie, for me it is all about the different frequencies , level of consciousness.  If you had read the power vs power you have a tool to measure your current level. This can be used, like the level you would like to attain. Mix it with your 3 stream of activities planned to get you there. Whether dedicating time to study the teaching of spiritual leaders, to have a meditation Holiday organised to Tibet, or you charity being started. This could give you combinations as:


Core desired feelings. How lovely. Just have your desired feelings listed with multipliers, with other words increasing their significance.

LOve2Xpand4ENergizedHUmbleREVolution . The importance is to have this sequence giving you as much as possible the feeling  of your combined core desired feelings. Use for any situation to check in yourself whether the password opens the situation up or not! 🙂


Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo

Thanks Marie telling – Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams, because the world needs that special gift what only you have.

Never forget the impact when first heard this
(warrant inclusion into many passwords)

And all those great interviews widening my learning
based on your wisdom. And have that cheeky funny style. I love it.

Thanks Tonny for asking – What do you want?

Tonny Robbins UPW

Tonny Robbins UPW

When thinking of this question it comes with
your voice, with your passion and energy.

Thanks for those improving their own life, learn and grow, fellow UPW attendees. London UPW 2014 was awesome. You are all freaking rock!!!

Thanks Berci for so much advise and wisdom, I work to keep it up with the teachings received, the relevant to highlight here is the book: What matter Most from Hylum Smith.

by TEDxBloomigton Flickr

by TEDxBloomigton Flickr

Shawn, Thanks for the Happiness Advantage being in my library, in my car. Viva la Unicorns, and those beating research with standing up again and again. 🙂

Vishen, Thanks for the http://mindvalleyacademy.com, you are awesome. Had seen Christie Marie Sheldon talking about how to change your frequency to change your reality. Christie’s presentation on youtube is at

(Teca, have a big smile, you’ll be on screen)

Thanks Kata to sending me the link of Gregg on Youtube, it was the start of many hours of watching, reading, listening I had spent with him since 🙂

Danielle Laporte by Catherine Just

Danielle Laporte by Catherine Just

Desire Map Thanks to Marie and MarieTV to bump into this great work of Danielle


Thanks for those developing password safes and two factor authentications.




Personally I use http://keepass.info and https://agilebits.com/onepassword

I do have certificate and one time password devices, two factor authentication in couple of important places.  This article does not excuse you from taken proper care when working with passwords of your digital footprint 🙂

Recovery is key to performance

Recovery is key to performance

It is not starting a blog is difficult, but walk on the path what leads there 🙂